About Laroc Jewellry

Laroc Jewellery started last year when Coral received beads as a gift. Soon she had a variety of different beads and was constantly thinking on how to make unique pieces of jewellery – soon her friends and family noticed these bracelets and asked that Coral make them as well.

Lauren then started helping Coral with this past time activity and gradually moving on to more detailed and complex pieces.

Even now they sit looking at whatever beads they have left over looking for new projects to make.

They always wore the bracelets they made and people started commenting on them saying they wanted one – that is when they decided to set up an Etsy page so they can show the world what they have to offer!

Laroc Jewellery is based in Coral’s bedroom which is accompanied by her rabbits, Bean and Clover, her guinea pigs, Oswald and Peanut and her fish.



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