Where have we been?

We must admit, we have been absent for a while – we have been crazy busy.

At the end of July we were so excited to see that we made our first sale! Thank you to buyer for purchasing two of our bracelets – we are so happy someone is enjoying them!

We then got a table reserved at Matlock Bath Indoor Market (for those who do not know Matlock Bath – it is a lovely town in Derbyshire and is essentially a seaside town without the sea).

This was our first “real” stall so we had a lot to prepare and we are happy to say it went successfully and we will be returning at the end of December!

Now we are in August (where has the year gone?!) we are now looking at making Christmassy items. I know! Our products do take a while to make due to the care and attention to put into them so we better start early!

Come and show your love with Laroc Jewellery x


Our First Stall…

So besides running the Etsy store we decided we also wanted to take our products to stalls as well.

We were invited to a charity event for a local dance group and caught the interest of many!

We had lots of fun and are determined next to attend a full arts and crafts fair. Below are pictures of our┬ástall – a bit basic, but not bad for our first one.