Exciting things are coming…


It has been three months…

So it has been just under three months since we opened our Etsy store. We have had plenty of interest but no sales. Must we be doing something wrong?

Learning about Etsy has been difficult. Learning how to actually name your products for one, apparently it just cannot be a name – you have to think what would YOU search for in order to find a product like that?

The pricing has been another – are we too low or too high?

Delivery has been a big thing – we started off with just delivering within the UK and then the EU. Upon doing some research a lot of UK sellers advised that shipping to the USA especially is a definite yes. One Etsy even saying that they found American’s actually bought products CHEAPER than the cost of postage. So on that delivery option went.

We have joined teams but although these were meant to “help” each other – at the end of the day it is just a bunch of people in the exact same position – they will click that little heart and then leave, not buying anything. Much like you would do if you had an advert up similar to that.

So if anyone has any advice about Etsy – show it here. Check out our shop – favourite it and you will receive 10% when you spend £10.00 or more!